Centenary Timeline Project 1921 to 1939

Centenary Timeline Project - 1921 to 1939

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Houghton on The Hill Village Hall was opened on 31 March 1921.

The first meeting of the organising committee was held on 8th April 1921 in the Schoolroom

Tuesday nights, youngsters met in the Village Hall for country dancing.

Wednesday night was Whist Drive night.

Third Thursday of the month was the Women’s Institute meeting.

1923 Brew Day – The last Annual ‘Brew Day’ held before haymaking (originally organised by William Ward of Manor Farm)

Village Fete – (first week of August) started on the Village Hall field with some attractions (e.g. pony and carriage rides, clay pigeon shooting) taking place in the field beyond (where the houses of Charlottes Walk and Forsells End are now).

Funds raised divided between the Church and the Village Hall.

1934 The Cleansing Department of the Rural District Council took over the collection from household privvies. 

1 September 1939

Enforcement of the blackout at the beginning of the war. Evacuees came soon after and were billeted in private houses. The blackout affected the church services resulting in Evensong being held in the Village Hall.

The Village Hall shortly after opening in 1921

The Village Hall shortly after opening in 1921

The Village Hall shortly after opening in 1921
The Village Hall shortly after opening in 1921

Minutes of the meeting Held in the Schoolroom on the 8th April 1921.

  1. It was proposed by Mr Forsell and seconded by the Rev S J Winckley and Mr Spencer that Mr Black be appointed Secretary and Mr Herrick Treasurer.
  2. Also proposed and carried that the Joint Committee should be the General Committee and that they meet not less than twice per year. It was also proposed and carried that the following be appointed—Rev S J Winckley Chairman, J T Forsell Esq President. Vice Presidents Mr C F Spencer, Mr T Fielding and Mr J W Chapman and the above with the Secretary Mr J T Black and Treasurer Mr H J Herrick should be the executive Committee and that they be called together at any time to decide matters of importance or to arrange for any entertainments towards paying off the Debt.”

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